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August 19, 2005
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A really really old page.. by BrianReber A really really old page.. by BrianReber
So I'm cleaning my desk and I stumble across a cd that has one of my very first Marvel gigs on it. Spiderman: Legend of the Spiderclan. As some of you may know this was my first time ever trying to use the cell shading style of rendering. Also, this was the very first time I even attempted to digital paint backgrounds if you can call it that from looking at this.

The story behind me getting this gig was that I was bugging Marvel to get me a coloring gig. CB Cebulski responded to me saying there were no coloring gigs available but he was looking for a digital painter. Desperate for work I told him "I can digital paint also!". Course at the time I had never digital painted or used this cell shade style. A couple hours later I worked up a sample and fooled Skottie and CB enough into letting me finish the issue. This is that sample page.

Linework by Skottie Young
Colors/"Paints" by me
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Estonius Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Awesome colours/fx!
JoBeeOne Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2005  Professional Artist
Ha ha, your brass young arogance paid off - this time! (he he) :D
aseariel Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
cool! could've fooled me :)
southtexasartdog Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2005   General Artist
very cool :)
Daystorm Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2005  Professional General Artist

Skottie's work on New Warriors right now is fantastic.
Britt7094 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2005
Thats a great story of how you got the job, it just goes to show that if you need work you can put your mind to a whole load of different things. It turned out really well, I love the first cell and the closeup one too, their both really good. Rain can be evil.
Adomsk Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005   Writer
Scott is the shit!!! This was one of the first Graffitti based comics I'd ever seen. Everything was really original and the way you colored it made it really pop out. That's cool to know that was your first work for Marvel. Great Job! I'm very jelous... :worship:
Jrevious Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005
what exactly is the diff between colouring and digital painting.

btw, if ur using the tablet for ur rain, how do u get ur lines so straight?

plus, what a breakthrough for u man (from ur story)
BrianReber Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Coloring you work underneath the lineart and use the lineart for your darkest blacks. Digital painting is just like traditional painting in the sense that you work above the lineart using it only as a guideline. The final product of digital painting doesn't contain any of the original linework. Every line that you see on a digital painting was recreated during the painting process.
Jrevious Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005
i get it. realism would go under digital painting. thnx Dai!
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