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Cap. America 26 interior page by BrianReber Cap. America 26 interior page by BrianReber
This is the first page I colored in issue 26 of Marvel Knights' Captain America. The pencils are by Chris Bachalo and inks by Tim Townsend. I did a few things I don't normally do on this one. First off I went out and took photos of the sky to find a nice subtle backdrop for this pic. Chris likes to use photos in his colors, so I thought I'd keep with it. Another thing is that Chris only drew about 4 bombs in this pic, so the small ones at the top of the page were from me. I just duplicate the ones there and scaled them down.
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phatalphd Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2007
I just finished reading this series in a TPB, and the shit is tight. Dont know if you did the colors on the whole thing. but when I saw this cover in the book it was one of my faves for sure! such a bad-ass pose...captain america surfing on bombs!
Wescoast Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Adding those bombs REALLY pumped the composition. Excellent colors. Very Dr. Strangelove.
robodragonx6 Featured By Owner May 15, 2007
Cap. America
You will be missed
astoak Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
It is amazing to see a great hero like cap like this in all his glory
JohnRauch Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2007
I really dig your color choices on this one.
Mrcrapinson Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2007  Student Digital Artist
when I saw this as a thumb, I thought the shield was shaped like a heart. Anyway, amazing job!
mykel Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
Fantastic piece.
Ghouldaddy Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007  Professional Photographer
love this shot, always have..included it in dA's tribute to the dream [link]
BrianReber Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! Although the submission by Soupnutz on that page is copyright infringement. He is not the original artist. It's taken from the cover of Captian America 13 for Marvel comics and has been resigned by him. [link]
Ghouldaddy Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007  Professional Photographer
damn, thanks for letting me know!
sweetp409 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007
:tears: Hope you don't mind, I've used this for a tribute in my journal
eastvillagenomad Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2007
Now THAT'S the Cap I know and love! Awsome!
VOLT-reborn Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Can you tell me why dose Waptain America's Shild changes shape from round to "shild" shaped. I was never a fan of him but it has always bothered me. (please tell me it's to do with story and not just what each artist thinks is best).
anjinanhut Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2007
When the first comicbooks of Cap started (during WW2, that's when the character first appeared on the market, way before Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby did him) he had that "shield-shaped" shield.

In the Kirby-age the artist redesigned him a little reshaping his shield to the well known disc.

So now most modern comicstories where Cap is fighting in WW2 refer to "shield-shape" iin regards to his original look and to make it appeal more vintage. So it is basicly depending on the story.
Ghouldaddy Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007  Professional Photographer
actually no, Kirby did design the first shield (Kirby created the character with Joe Simon in 1941), the storyline goes that the shield was lost in battle and was then replaced with the round version near the end of the war and all the Captain Americas in between had the round disc version.
VOLT-reborn Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for clearing that up for me.

I still like the disc shape better even though it's a re-design :(
PaliLies Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2006
desaturated goodness
TheBoo Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2006
I always adored Chris's work and your colours add just such a wonderful period feel to it
Thunor Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2006
Hell yeah, Captain America riding a fucking bomb! That's what America's all about, FIREPOWER.
dust-n-tedium Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2006   Photographer
great image
duraluminwolf Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2006
Yeah, sock it to 'em, cap!! You could certainly give Rob Leifeld a run for his money.
MTrueBelieverM Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2006
That is by far one of the coolest Cap pics ive seen in a while. Bravo!
ChristianFA Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2006
Ghouldaddy Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2005  Professional Photographer
damn, that is frickin great :worship:
diegoeis Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2005   Digital Artist
Hey man... Great Job..
Beauty pic.... :thumbsup:
balikbayan-box Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2005
classics :worship:
crystada Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Really Like the colrs and old-school halftone print on the bombs. Also dig the new sheild.
fractalgrrl Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2005
This is lovely. I like the monochromatic backdrop and all-around de-saturated, darker look than what one normally sees with Captain America.

I'm enjoying looking through your gallery.
Lemmiwinx Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005
now that is sweet. im likin you stuff
dyemooch Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Nice work man! Has a very "old" feel to it, timewise.

Super work : D!!
kitsuK8 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005
cap america rocks my socks!!!
PIXEL-Of-DOOM Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005
wow awesome job man, it's great when you give a little history about how you did the image i love learning new techniques, personally i like recreating clouds if i have them in my image but i guess when you are coloring a whole book you need shortcuts huh? fantastic color pallette on this one man, i really like how you gave the bombs texture, and shows some true skill with you manipulating the image to put more bombs in..CAPTAIN AMERICA IS THE MAN!
BrianReber Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I prefer to paint my own skies also, but Chris Bachalo really wanted me to try it just for this issue. The main thing with using a photo of a sky is I wanted to make sure that it wasn't dominating of the pic. If I had taken a picture of a sunny cloudy sky it totally would not have worked as well.
PIXEL-Of-DOOM Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005
oh that's cool then, so you kind of color it how the artist tells you? I'm still a newbie i guess when it comes to the real proffession.

I love your work man you do great stuff..truthfully i didn't think it was a photo so you must of done some great photoshoping ;)
garstu Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005
Great piece, I love how the colors set a mood.
danielzklein Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
The real sky blends in perfectly; I would not have noticed it had you not mentioned it. The one thing that jumped to my attention was the graininess of the colour on the bombs, especially the bomb in the very foreground. Well, not really graininess, but you get what I mean: these little visible pixels. Where do they come from? Did you choose that look on purpose?
coalizion Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005
il like a lot the color scheme in this.
lambi Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
BAchalos stuff is some of my favorite comic art EVER! IM a HUGE fan of his early 90's work, and these days he still has the most origional style out there. It mustve been cool working with him.
unicon Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
Hm... I'm the only one who don't like the proportions? The head of Captain America is too small opposite its remaining body.
And the big question is: Where is he standing? Beside the big bomb?
Man I hate me to criticize your work. I know I'm a little guy who aren't better than you at all, but I thought you should notice that.
The picture itself is really good and I know you only colourize it so can't do anything against the mistakes.
Huskadoo Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
regarding CA's proportions: that's Chris Bachalo style, if you check out the X-men issuse which he worked on you'll notice that the characters are similarly propotioned. :)
PUNKBOX Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005  Professional General Artist
this is fantastic, i got a chance to meet chris in LA recently hes a great guy

gives excellent tips to us young artists, im sure its a blast to work with him

clever technique with the bombs work out great. :)
Cosnett Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
really great stuff,
i have a question, is that photo just straight from the camera or did you have to tweak some of the colours in the photo to match the picture?
JBourlett Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
The sky is absolutely amazing! Love Cap too!

Caetis Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Wonderful job, i LOVE the muted tones in this one, really gives it an older look. This is just a wonderful pic. Wonderful work!
aseariel Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
wow! nice work. the illusion of depth is... astounding O_o
cheeks-74 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005   General Artist
Amazing.... i am seriously drooling over here. the depth is off the hook!
Jrevious Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
it's a good thing u added those extra bombs because i think it would very empty. the whole piece has a mid grey value to it... i like it
Ellusive Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
This piece rocks. Great golden age looking Captain America. The use of colour and textures is what really sets this off.
Casperium Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I like the combo of smooth color with the newsprint style bombs... great sky too!
madonnawayne Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
Love the way you used somber, dullish colors in this. They're quieter reds and blues to go with the browns, but still so vibrant somehow! Amazing!

Damn, if I were only this good! xp
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